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eCommerce Management



Running an online store requires careful strategic planning and a hands-on approach. We manage your – ecommerce website development – Flipkart website / app / Amazon / store from top to bottom to make sure it’s ready to sell. Because we have worked with more than 100 brands in a variety of industries, we have helped create success stories that matter. This is the love that our clients have for us.


If you are looking to grow your business online, you have come to the right place. If you sign up for online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, new customers may find you. DIGITECHMINDZ has partnerships with major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.

We make your business part of the growing world of online commerce. With our elite end-to-end solutions, committed industry experts, transparent and straightforward processes, B2B helps you not only participate in the online marketplace, but also take advantage of the forward-thinking and dynamic world, the future of the electronic commerce.


Advertising is the best way to communicate with customers. The promotion helps to educate customers about the brands available in e-commerce website development in the market and the variety of products that are useful to them.

Managing ads is a complex process that helps us make any advertisement more effective. Although we handle all the ads, we always look for the ads to be very inexpensive and can build brand awareness among customers.


DIGITECHMINDZ is well established in India for account management, upselling, digital marketing and e-commerce training etc. Considering the maturity of the global market, we have started offering our services to the Amazon platform in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain and we are happy to say Hooray! to manage sponsored ads on Amazon.

We constantly strive for global competence and self-research to meet the needs of each client based on the type of business and its requirements.


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